Shoestring Budget

In this part of the world where luxury is almost part of the modern culture and the generation where the sartorially savvy is considering more conscious choices than ever, wearing a made-in-China thirty-dollar dress might be deemed the worst nightmare; a raise of an eyebrow-inducing, cringe-worthy situation to be in.

Well, forgive me if this dress is no Gucci or Versace, but hear me out: I'm a student and I ain't earning a hundred thousand bucks on the monthly just yet; and to talk about my endless quest for the shoe that fits (for a US 6.5 it's pure luck if I happen to snag a pair on sale) and a dress oozing with X factor that won't break the bank is just as important as it is relieving. 

There exists the paradox that among the locally based fashion blogs, no one seems to address the fashion on a budget subject, whereas we have all been in that same wavelength one way or another, truth be told. You would be lying if you were to deny being caught carrying three shopping bags on your way out of Zara, H&M, River Island or Topshop — most especially during the holiday sale.

While there's nothing literally wrong with being clad in an under $100 dress, the stigma still remains. We, as a society, are completely fixated on brands that our sartorial opinion and choices tend to be biased; that we tend to forgo the real essence of fashion and style. 

Have you ever seen a dress that's utter crap, but because it walked your favorite designer's runway, you try to brainwash yourself into thinking that the dress is actually nice? I did. And I didn't feel good about myself for a moment there.

I strongly believe that personal style should never be equated with a label or price tag even more so. Your budget should not dictate your taste and in the same vein, your taste should not be limited by your budget. After all, it's your confidence and sense of presentation that would greatly matter in the long run.

So how could you really be stylish if you are on a shoestring budget?

It's in the material. If you want to look extra luxe, there are certain fabrics that can seamlessly evoke the plush appearance. Try much cheaper alternatives like faux leather, satin or velvet.

Nothing will ever be the new black but black. I've realized the true elegance of a black piece of clothing when that particular black, say, dress is also available in other colors. The next time you're in a store, notice the difference between the black and the colored one when you try them on. You'll notice the instant sophisticated factor that the black dress can give you.

Accessorize but don't over do it. In DVF's words, "accessories are the punctuation." They can surely glam up your look, but be extra careful as accessorizing is the easiest to have been overdone.


dress SheIn — PURCHASE HERE!
jeans American Eagle Outfitters (Villaggio Mall, Doha)
sunglasses Forever 21 (Ezdan Mall, Doha)
necklace Garage (City Centre Mall, Doha)
purse Lookbook Store
shoes Suite Blanco (Ezdan Mall, Doha)

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  1. I love how you've styled this dress over jeans. xo, Erin -

  2. Thanks the tips! This is a really cute look!

  3. Lately i am obsessed with all belted looks, so i really like it! Also a hint of fluo colour makes it even better. x

    1. Thanks Gosia! Loving your latest belted look too ♥

  4. I love your input! I definitely don't have luxury budget for shopping, so I take comfort in the fact that you can still go for cheap items and make it work.

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

    1. That's where creativity really comes in, right? When you don't have much resources but need to make it work. Glad you liked the article X

  5. so true about the timelessness of black!


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