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5 Things Post Millennial Travelers Want

Stop already with the millennial-obsessed marketing and mass media. In a few years time, Generation Z (a.k.a post-millennials, Plurals, those who were born in 1997 and beyond) would be the independent bunch and therefore the mainly targeted market.

Post-millennials consider traveling a fundamental element of life, rather than a sheer luxury so to speak. Some companies like to get ahead, and are smart enough to commence their marketing research about the post-millennials and what they're looking for, traveling-wise, as early as now.

1. Wi-Fi. No more, no less. As the younger generation, we like to share things and let people know about our experiences, good and bad. What with live-broadcasting apps like Snapchat and Periscope, staying connected and sharing a piece of our lives online are things that have gotten easier than ever — thanks to our good ol' friend named Wi-Fi. 

2. Creativity. We're on the constant prowl for the next Instagrammable locale, that's why I strongly believe that hotels, restaurants and cafes should go big when it comes to aesthetics and design. Be trendy, have picturesque corners and let the post-millennials get creative with your space too.

3. Customization. Extraordinary design and amenities can make us rave about, say, a hotel; but a place that made us feel like VIPs can transform us into loyal customers. When it comes to Generation Z, we are talking about the generation that loves options, customization and adding a personal flair to what was once a predefined service. 

4. Dynamic experience. Generation Z is all about family vacations, which simply means that destinations that are not only winning in the food and comfort departments but has entertainment offerings i.e. water park, nature-based attractions and cultural experiences to boot are what we usually are looking for.

5. Tech. Smart TV, iPads not paper menus, checking in and/or out using our smart phones, mobile phone hotel keys are some of the techie things that impress us more than they amuse us. Post-millennials are the generation that practically grew up with technology; it would make us feel like a hotel is so out-of-date when it does not somehow involve tech with its service.

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  1. I'm loving the Gifs on your blog! As someone who was born in 2000 I can totally relate to this and wifi is definitely something I look for when travelling x



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