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Five Instagrammable Cafes You Should Check out in Doha

My friends and I were talking earlier this week about our favorite coffee shops in Doha. The 'what's your favorite coffee shop?' question lent a brief — roughly just a second or two — moment of silence, and it's safe to say that all of us, at that moment, were trying to recall splendid cafe experiences to be able to recommend it with pride and integrity. 

In my mind, it went a little crazy like this: If we define one's favorite by his/her frequency of visits, it's definitely going to be Starbucks. But I don't wanna seem too basic, so I'll need a different answer. Plus I'm only at Starbucks because all of their branches are strategically located — as in, it's there right where people need it to be. So I don't think that makes Starbucks my favorite, let me think of another one.

Then a few exchanges of seasoned cafe names through our conversation, one of them said, as though to nudge me to start talking about it, "what about the cute coffee shop I saw on your snaps?"

Meesh Cafe

where Crowne Plaza - The Business Park, Airport Road

It's the unostentatious atmosphere that I liked so much about Meesh Cafe among other things. Perhaps it's the natural warmth of the place; the unexpected hip and colorful accent pieces, or perhaps it's simply the friendly and ever-smiling baristas that ultimately make it a cozy place. Whether you're looking for a place to study, work or lounge unreservedly, Meesh Cafe has everything — decor and food wise — that will make for your perfect "me-time".

W Cafe

where W Hotel Doha, West Bay

W Cafe is hands-down my favorite meeting place in Doha. Here's why (typing it as fast as I can): It is centrally located in the heart of the city; the chic, Hollywood regency style interiors, generous beverage serving, and saving the best for last, the red velvet cupcakes. What with the red velvet commercial obsession that's been happening since the last couple of years, there's one thing I was able to prove, and that is only a few cafes get the red velvet cupcakes right, and that W Cafe undoubtedly tops that list.

The Atelier Cafe

where Parcel 5, Porto Arabia, The Pearl Qatar

It's called an art cafe for a reason; hot beverages are served in a cup adorned with either silhouettes of famous musicians or mini excerpts of their songs. Majority of the praises of this cafe are given for its artsy interiors — distressed leather couches, eclectic accent furniture, metal buckets and the woodworking altogether create a rustic, unique ambiance. Also we can't deny that a day of lounging without the sea view isn't quite as relaxing as the one with the sea view. The Atelier Cafe offers an absolutely divine sea view, overlooking the marina at The Pearl.

Mokarabia Cafe

where Marbella Street, Building B14, Medina Centrale, The Pearl Qatar

I've first heard about this cafe on Twitter, where they started following me. Then I've began looking at the photos and swooning over the schoolhouse style, retro vibe of the place. It has a preppy vibe in it, which I think will go well on my Instagram feed, and it certainly had me with the books and artsy photographs hung on the wall.

Sugar & Spice Cafe

where Lagoona Mall, West Bay

Can I just say that whenever I go to Lagoona Mall, I can't help but notice how jam-packed this cafe always is? Majority of the customers appear to be wearing the traditional costumes — men and women alike — so it's easy to assume that the locals love to kill off some time in there. Or perhaps all this can be attributed to the limited seating available, I don't know.

For me, Sugar & Spice Cafe gets the color scheme, patterns and textures combination right. It seems to me that it is fashioned to look like a shabby chic boulangerie; with pretty pastel colors and bold patterns, which I think perfectly complement the mood for sweets and desserts.

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