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Natural makeup fans will love this Danish beauty brand

Natural makeup is the quinoa salad of the beauty world. Who cares if it's not the crème de la crème; it is guilt free. It promotes a healthy lifestyle. It involves no little living creature in the making. And sometimes, you will find a brand that makes natural makeup products that are just as good as the conventional ones, if not better; just like how there are a few cafes that make quinoa salad that won't make you regret your healthy decision at all.

Well, GOSH Cosmetics is exactly that kind of natural makeup brand. It is a Danish brand founded in 1945, using only natural ingredients in their products. Paraben and cruelty free, that is how they do their products.

Since day one of having these products used, I have instantly, officially become a fan. Especially of the Base Plus Illuminating Primer, which gives my dry and dull skin some additional moisture and a glow boost; the Prime'n'Set Mattifying and Setting Powder - a long-lasting translucent powder that has a subtle glow, and won't make you look like a cakeface even in selfies taken with flash. 

I am addicted with the beautiful mauve color of the Velvet Touch Lip Liner — very natural and blends with my favorite lipsticks. The formula is the balance of dry and creamy; it applies smoothly yet doesn't feather or bleed. The lipstick, I wore in this picture. It's quite matte, so make sure you scrub those lips with coconut oil + sugar mixture before you array in this.

I find the blackness and formula of Boombastic Swirl Mascara enough to volumize my super-fine lashes, but the wand I'd immediately toss if I could. It's super thick that I'd get mascara on my lids upon application.

If you are into cool-toned eyeshadow, To be Cool in Copenhagen Eyeshadow Palette has some wearable shades you can use on the daily. However I like my eyeshadow warm-toned so I feel like this product doesn't make the cut for me. The color payoff seems to be lacking, too, once you apply them on your lids. I like its silky texture, though — and from that you can guarantee the quality of the product.


GOSH Cosmetics is available in Karisma & Lifestyle stores.

Price range: $$

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