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Two for the Summer

We've never really needed to wait for the sun to have a little fun like this, truth be told. But on one vibrant day of summer 2016, Kim and I celebrated sisterhood and friendship on the beach of Marsa Malaz Kempinski as part of the SS16 Unforgettable Moments campaign with Sacoor Brothers

creative direction KIM & BIANCA photography JAZZI PHOTOGRAPHY
shoot location MARSA MALAZ KEMPINSKI #MarsaMalaz
in collaboration with SACOOR BROTHERS

We've never really needed to wait for the sun to have a little fun like this, truth be told. Day and night, rain or shine, we indulge in a round-the-clock party of two, manifested in different ways; As in: when our jam comes on, we put our festivalgoer mode on and dance with such gusto regardless of the current many irons in the fire situation. We immerse in a night-long tête-à-tête, exploring our emotional spectrum. We feast like calories don't exist (fun fact: she finishes all of her McDonald's large fries whilst I'm still halfway through it.) We binge-watch Mad Men reruns and prate over the episodes we've just finished until we fall asleep.

We make one great team so to speak; she's all the qualities I'm not, and I'm the rest that she's lacking — like the yinyang, we cover for each other's gaps. It's truly golden when your sister (a real, by blood one) becomes your ride or die, main gal-pal, no. 1 support system, and a person whom you like to venture out into the business side of life with.

Such is also the case of Sacoor Brothers I suppose. Founded in 1989, four brothers developed the lifestyle brand in Portugal, turning it today into one of Middle East's favorites, what with its timeless aesthetic, putting comfort and elegance at its core; and soon a globally "recognized trendsetter", in the words of Moez Sacoor, the youngest of the Sacoor brothers.

Sacoor Brothers SS16 Collection Qatar x LILMISSBIANCA

Don't let the fundamentally masculine word, 'brothers', taint your perception of the brand. Sacoor Brothers actually carries a pallet of high quality garments in fine fabrics* for women; think vibrant prints and feminine details rendered in lightweight fabrics, striving to deliver strikingly comfortable yet fashion-forward pieces.

As one would enter the Sacoor Brothers boutique, what bids you welcome is the inviting atmosphere of a New York penthouse. Luxuriating in live classical piano and sax music, and Nespresso from Sacoor Caffe whilst playing dress up in the glamorous changing rooms; complimentary specs cleaning and an in-house tailor to alter your Sacoor Brothers dress, suit, etc.

To embody the ladylike essence of the collection, a summer dress with the 1950's A-line structure, bow at the back element, electrifying emerald hue seems to be the quintessential piece from Sacoor Brothers' SS16 womenswear collection.

It's the dress for the special days — a weekend brunch by the beach perhaps, or a summer birthday bash — or take it to the night with a couple of glamorous accessories. It's for the days you want to embrace your feminine side; a dress that gives you confidence, a dress that has a character on its own.

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*from Sacoor Brothers SS16 press release[no-sidebar]


  1. I love this post! You guys look great!

    Happy Sunday!


  2. I also want to have a trip with my best girl friend, and take beautiful photos



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