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Summer in the City Essentials

Oleva+ Face Mask | Qatar Beauty Blogger

Summer is almost synonymous to an image of beach sand (sometimes annoyingly) sticking to our feet, textured salty hair (without the DIY salt spray this time) and naturally sun-kissed skin. Well, who's to blame, everyone sets their mind to jetting off somewhere tropical with the aim to write their initials on the sand and post it on the 'gram like nobody's business. While that described summer well indeed, there's a minority of us who, for some reason, are traveling to explore another city or perhaps and as in my case, are simply staying in the city.
Does that mean our summer is less fun than of those who are going to the beach? Nope, not at all. Summer vacation is all about taking a break; it's a state of mind that allows us to leave the responsibilities (aka studies, work, diet, workout) behind without the feeling of guilt and hopefully, the itch to get back to it.

Whether it is spending the day in a museum to check out the new exhibit, lounging at your neighborhood cafe, mall hopping, or movie marathon-ing at the cinema, the real essence of summer vacation does not depend on the location at which you're spending it if, of course, you're carrying the right essentials.

Oleva+ Face Mask | Qatar Beauty Blogger

1. Portable charger for endless snapping

2. A book, a fiction that lets your mind wander while sipping on your iced coffee

3. Earphones for the moment you feel like something else is missing but couldn't quite point your finger on it. That's music. Download the 8tracks app, type in your current mood and there you'll find well-curated playlists. For one, that's what I'm doing right now while writing this blog post.

4. A beautiful scarf lets you do myriad of wonders with it. Tie it around your neck, cover up your shoulders, wear it as an arm accessory a la Man Repeller. It can also prettify your bag, protect your hair from the awful weather (who doesn't loathe frizzy hair and split ends?), and help you stay away from dust and other allergens.

5. Face masks are your best friend regardless of season and place. Take all kinds that there is because you'll never know when your skin is going to act up. One day it could be extremely oily, the next it's as dry as the desert. I grabbed four of OLEVA+ face masks, each one costs less than (QAR21–27) QAR 30 at Sephora. Something affordable usually doesn't work, but these babies are here to prove that otherwise.

Soothing Moisturizing Bamboo Mask, tailor made for dry and vulnerable skin. It's supposed to soothe, rejuvenate and repair damaged skin to unleash a hydra-bright, supple and glowing look. Much more interesting fact? It's made with natural bamboo fiber. Made with Binchotan (Japanese white charcoal), Oxygen Activating Renewal Black Mask eliminates pore-clogging impurities, restoring skin’s brightness and pure complexion. Jelly Juicy Lips Mask, regains moisture in lips and gets rid of chapped skin (YASSS); and Total Solution Bio-cellulose Eye Mask, total solution for 7 eye problems – dryness, fine lines, pouches, dark circles, edema, slackness, and matte-tone of the eye area.[no-sidebar]


  1. Earphones are simply a must, love to stroll around in the city with music on! Xx


    1. Totally! Just like the movies isn't it X

  2. Stunning aesthetic! I'm jealous

    Ruby x



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