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How to de-stress like an adult

You are perhaps a little too tired thinking about your next exam and article deadline; a little too agitated about a friend who suddenly turned sour; or a little too unenthusiastic about living in general. 

Case in point: that feeling when everything feels abnormally overwhelming and depressing even if things are already painted in gold, and even the greatest adventures feel like your midnight McDonald's fix (sounds so good in theory but you would always wish for a time machine when all those McFries start getting through and your intestines small and large start reacting on what just quickly occurred). 

What's worse, despite all the optimism, nothing still seems OK because the culprit is your stressed out soul and seemingly irrevocably frazzled nerves — and not actually your so-called misfortunes.

Maybe all that shit does not actually apply to your current position, but it does so to me. It occurred to me that happiness that comes from achievements is not the ultimate good. Because happiness of this kind is short-lived. 

No one is really, actually, consistently happy for a good five minutes for the same one reason. We do great things, we get appreciated for that. And then what? It is a never-ending cycle of self-competition and it can be so damn exhausting, so damn shattering at times.

You see there what I mean? 

Life is exhausting, and I say that at 18 years old. Whoever thinks that burnout only occurs to adults has yet to read this article by Teen Vogue.

So what does the young folk like us do when it feels like we are carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders? We seek guidance from a real adult. And how do they all de-stress?

They go to spa.

And do not just a regular spa treatment, but a sweet combo of any two treatments using Charme d'Orient products. I had a 45-minute Balanese whole body massage and a 45-minute scalp massage under the Double Serenity package deal of some sort at The Spa by Charme d'Orient in Crowne Plaza - The Business Park. 

And the iPhone with constantly drained battery that I was before came out of that treatment room with a brand new fully charged battery. Spa treatments may not be literally magical, but somehow it definitely helped in making me feel alive again, in the non-cheesiest way possible.

It also adds to the de-stressing process that my masseuse, Nam, is an exemplar of a perfect masseuse. She has an ambiance of home, respectful, and safeguarded my comfort and indulgence throughout the entire 90-minute treatment.

The Spa by Charme d'Orient at Crowne Plaza - The Business Park Doha. Double Serenity Treatment, QAR 360 until next month (originally priced at QAR 500)*


  1. This sounds like a wonderful idea! I'll have to do this tomorrow. xx Caitlin Dash of Darling

  2. I have never been to a spa....... I need to maybe have a day there instead of just having all the junk food in sight. :D


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