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Work and play

Suitable for both work and play. *wink wink* 


LIPSTICK: Gosh Liquid Matte Lips
JACKET: Zaful*
PANTS: Zaful*
WATCH: Calvin Klein
HEELS: Lovemade

Tens of event invitation declines later, I am ecstatic to reassure my social existence. I literally cannot remember when was the last time I posted something on my Snapchat. And if it weren't for my irrevocable love for Instagram, I suppose my entire social media existence would rust away just like that. Some of our friends we met through blogging have alluded to our being MIA (missing-in-action) in the local bloggers' social scene.

But the bigger question is: are we really missing in action? Or do we all deserve a break even from the things we enjoy the most?


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