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Summer Lust List

I'm back in the sunny, dusty city of Doha from a refreshing summer getaway in the tropics! I came home with jet lag of course, and quite interestingly an itch to do further financial damage via shopping. Somehow a new pair of jeans became a necessity — or so I thought — because I've been thinking about the future that is an unexpected lunch out with my friends and I already have nothing to wear.

But because unpacking had become a three-day event at home, I succumbed to the, well, last resort when you're in pj's eating cashew cookies to go with your brewed coffee when you're up early in the morning because jet lag: online (window) shopping. Who am I kidding, though? This is what you can find me doing when I'm procrastinating; tired but still short of a thousand more steps in the treadmill to hit my daily step goal; bored; can't sleep at night, yada yada... to make things short, I'll shamelessly admit that I'm always one of ASOS, Nasty Gal, Revolve, Yoins, eBay, Nordstrom's active users; and in fact, while I was virtually scouring basically any website that says they offer various trendy women's stylish dresses, I've closed my web browser with a few things in my wishlist:

I find it so cheesy to be always looking for the moral of the story; after all this is not your little sister's bedtime story. I mean, god forbid you read your little sister to sleep with my blog. This is real life, my real life. You know what I mean? But if there's anything I learned from our summer getaway, that is it's a struggle to let your adventurer side come into play and be Instagram-ready at the same time. The itinerary was a mixed bag of activities that sure made us wilt in the heat—from trekking and then going for a swim at the waterfall, to city tours, to driving off-road, to beach hopping. I packed my maxi dress, velvet slip dress, and sweater co-ordinates with me only to end up with an oversized tee and a pair of soft shorts. In short, I only wanted to be dressed in a fuss-free fashion as in: a stylish dress that's easy to put on and needs minimal accessorizing [1,2];  a jacket that's so badass nobody would give a shit about what's underneath it [3]; and fashion women's cute tops that's cool enough on its own you only need a pair of denim shorts/pants [4,6]. You get the gist!

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  1. I spend way too much time online windows shopping as well haha. Gorgeous picks, I love the black maxi dress!


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