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Let's Talk about Dressing Comfortably, Shall We?

You've already won fashion-wise if your outfit fabulously boosts your self-confidence and provides comfort at the same time. Razzle-dazzle aside, this is ultimately my unostentatious uniform. An extra comfy tee that honestly feels like sleepwear, a well-fitting pair of jeans that lets me breathe despite the middle eastern heat (and this, too: they keep me warm in the movie theater. Ever seen a movie in a pair of shorts? Do it, and you'll know what I'm saying); and sneakers that are cool, sure, but most of all don't give me blisters after what seems like 5,000 steps of locating the Careem driver because apparently there are drivers who work for a tech-driven taxi company who can't efficiently work with Google Maps.

If I could, I would dress like this every single day of my remaining life.

The problem with dressing comfortably, though, is it can be too simple, too ordinary. No frills, no element of surprise, no nothing. Where is the joy of dressing up? I'd love to think and have personally experienced that you can derive an overall positive mood from solely what you choose to wear. Mind you this is not some baloney fashion editors would say to make you buy a $500 dress, it's true and backed by a study.

When you're wearing your favorite dress, doesn't it feel like the world is your runway and life suddenly is that movie scene where everyone turns their head and look at you like "oh damn girl I see you, I see you"? When you wear that new blazer, it feels like you can conquer the world. For me personally, I bring about a much more professional tone in whatever that I say, even if I'm just talking about my tv show fixations (e.g. how The Handmaid's Tale is an important depiction of our future wherein the government aims to find solutions to other nation's problems and use that solution as a commodity no matter the circumstances, even other women's fertility to restore other nation's dying population).

There is no special living-in-a-movie-scene feeling, however, when I'm donning an outfit the simplest it can be — white tee and women distressed denim jeans. And so for some time I've crossed it off my mental sartorial bible while I fastidiously look for fussy, eye-catching, covetable blouses.

But there's a certain amount of finesse required to create something extraordinary out of the ordinary pieces, and the way some streetwear brands exude that finesse made me see everyday clothes in a different light. Some jeans are something that you'd wear when you're feeling a bit meh, who cares; but some are well-made, well-fitting, provide flexibility and comfort, and can be taken from casual cool to model-off-duty hot. Worth noting that it's not hard to find student budget friendly ones too.

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