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10 lifestyle changes you should make now

It's October and it's #ThinkPink Breast Cancer Awareness month; while cancer is random and unpredictable, leading a well-balanced lifestyle seems to be the only prevention. In the past couple of months I've made a few lifestyle changes, and I thought it's high time to share them with you.

Swap cup noodles for a big bowl of salad. Whenever I feel lazy, I used to reach for that just-add-water cup noodles and call it lunch. But when I started to cook for myself, I also started to appreciate how my body feels after eating simple, clean food. Instead of stacking your pantry with on-the-go meals like instant noodles, buy already washed greens and toss them all together with the dressing you made earlier. You'll be surprised how much quicker and easier it is to prepare; plus you're eating real, nutritious food. 

Stop hitting the snooze button. When the alarm goes on, it all of a sudden feels like the bed is extra cozy and the temperature is just right to make you fall asleep again for another "five minutes." But I did realize that never will someone feel like she's had enough sleep; and that the problem is in the mindset that you can always brush it off, and spend another few minutes in bed without thinking of the consequences. Hitting the snooze button can ruin the plans you made for the day, and truth be told nobody wants to have a difficult morning where you rush out of the door because you're getting late.

Wake up happy. It's been almost customary for me to wake up and instantly think of the things I have to do for the day to keep myself focused, productive, and organized for the rest of the day. Somehow it's taken a toll on me and given me that burnout feeling. What I find works is to stop reaching for my iPhone the second I woke up or thinking about the work I have to do, but to simply keep my mind blank, and simply breathe for a couple minutes. 

Drink more water. Puffy face, constipation, and constant craving for sweets are some of the things that happen to me when I don't drink enough water. Honestly it's a nightmare and I'd rather deal with frequent visits to the ladies' than them. Aside from eight tall glasses, I also started adding lemon — either squeezed or thinly sliced — because I've read somewhere that when you drink lemon water half an hour before breakfast, it will help your body absorb nutrients better. 

Plan the day ahead the night before. Nothing makes me function like clockwork than having a well-organized plan on how to deal with deadlines and emails. Instead of acting on sudden burst of ideas, I like to list them all down and work on them in a chronological manner.

Drink more tea. I used to drink coffee every after meal, but relying on caffeine for energy might take a toll on me someday. I started to appreciate light green tea like jasmine tea as it's calming and soothes my nerves when I'm chasing a deadline.

Learn how to switch off. When I'm constantly reading, writing or brainstorming for my next content, it seems like my brain wants to work non-stop even when it's bed time. Now the workaholic in me entertains the ideas with the handy iPhone notepad, allowing it to happen all the single time. I find distractions so difficult to ignore, so I try to meditate in bed and the next thing I know I'm already asleep!

Listen to your body. I used to ignore and not sweat the small stuff, but I did realize that our body does a great job at sending us signals that something is not right — be it in our lifestyle or overall health. All we have to do is listen to what our body is telling us and act on it. Since it's Breast Cancer Awareness month, it's also high time to "keep both eyes open for breast cancer and learn how to self-examine."* Any lumps or changes in the breast is an enough indication that you should see a doctor. Joyalukkas created a self-examination guide with important facts about breast cancer, for your own information.

Instead of being a couch potato, listen to a podcast while jogging on a treadmill. Although I do have a number of favorite TV shows, it's remarkable how podcasts are so enlightening. From forgotten history to being street smart, you can learn from the wise with podcasts. While I nourish my brain with podcasts, I aim to reach at least 5,000 steps a day on the treadmill at home, increasing it by 500 steps every week.

Find new ways to indulge aside from eating food that's bad for you. Indulgence is often associated with sugary and greasy foods, but there are a lot more ways to indulge than eating your heart out — from as simple as lighting up an aromatic candle and having a hot bath (best with cute galaxy bath bombs) to going to a spa for a nice Balinese massage.

*Joyalukkas #ThinkPink Breast Cancer Self-Examination Booklet, 
also check out this heartwarming #ThinkPink video campaign[no-sidebar]


  1. Very good advice! :)

  2. I love this post Bianca. So well written and informative. <3

  3. Definitely implementing some of these, especially the one about not getting on my phone immediately after waking up!


    1. Definitely, as it can be quite overwhelming at times. Thanks and let me know how it goes, Maya.


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