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How to celebrate Diwali, the Festival of Lights, for the first time

Diwali is coming up this Thursday, and I'm sure the celebrations are going to be — quite literally — lit. In case you didn't know, Diwali is a Hindu festival of lights, which is celebrated with great gusto to acknowledge the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. It is a very popular festival among Indians, in fact it is the most celebrated festival in India.

Having lived in Qatar for more than eight years, while I have yet to attend at least one Diwali celebration, I have nonetheless witnessed people's excitement for this special occasion. I remember the first time being welcome with so many lit candles in our apartment foyer, left so confused, and my dad had to educate me about Diwali. The good news is: a few Hindu acquaintances and researches later; here, I've come up with five things you can do to participate in this festival if you, like me, are non-Hindu.

Light up some candles and decorate your house with a lot of colors. Every Diwali-celebrating household gets their home glowing by lighting up lamps, candles, and if you want to go all-traditional, a Diya, which is an oil lamp made from clay.

Redecorate your home and work space. Hindus believe that the goddess of wealth and fortune named Lakshmi will grace well-decorated and tidied up homes during this special occasion. And thus before the Diwali night, they clean, redecorate, and give their home a sense of festivity.

Cook up a feast at home. There is no celebration if there is no abundance of food on the table. Cook your favorite dishes, and make a nice chai at home to pay homage to Indian cuisine.

Shop til you drop! People go big when it comes to shopping during this festive period. As Diwali also marks the last day of the King Vikram's calendar, they replace items that are out of fashion with new ones — be it household appliance, car, gadgets. This is also high time for women to buy new clothes and gold jewelry. Some brands also like to take this festive season as an opportunity to show their gratitude to their loyal customers.

For one, Joyalukkas, one of the biggest jewelry retail chains in the world, is giving back to its loyal customers with a gold coin giveaway in celebration of Diwali. Golden Diwali at Joyalukkas gives away free gold coins with a minimum purchase amount. What's more, a limited edition festive collection featuring a glittering selection of antique gold and temple jewelry, playful florals inspired by Rangeen pieces, traditional mangalsutra sets and contemporary pieces in diamond, gold, and precious stones. Customers can also take advantage of guaranteed gold rate protection upon 10% advance payment on their selected jewelry, that's until 17th October.

A fashion blogger's favorite: Play dress up with your new outfit. Ring in the new with that glittery new dress you just bought. Nothing sparks joy more than wearing a brand new outfit that screams festive season.

It's a golden celebration at Joyalukkas with a sparkling new collection, special prices on jewelry sets, and get up to 500,000 gold coins.
Watch the Golden Diwali campaign below, and follow Joyalukkas on Facebook and Twitter.[no-sidebar]


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