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Winter Lust List

I was walking my little baby of a pup just this afternoon and there it is, ladies and gentlemen; time to get the velvet, faux fur and leather numbers out of the depths of your closet. The weather's starting to cool down already, Doha-dwelling friends.

I find it so fun to dress for winter. Cool and casual, it feels like dressing for a road trip all the time. Put on an oversized hoodie or a dress (that actually gives you coverage for the cold) under an oversized denim jacket. If the situation calls for a more glamorous styling, — ahh there it is, the most exciting part — time to bring the faux fur or shaggy coat out of the closet! Who cares what you're wearing under that glamorous coat, the accessories will be more crucial this time.

I've picked out some of the things I've been lusting over. Imagining myself donning these just gives me butterflies!

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