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GIRLS' NIGHT IN with Sheraton Grand Doha

24 hours of glamour, fun, and everything you'd imagine it would be when ten fashion influencers get together for one girls' night in to remember. Made possible by the architecturally-iconic, city's first five-star hotel, Sheraton Grand Doha.

24 hours of glamour, fun, and everything you'd imagine it would be.
It was a whole 24 hours of glamour, fun, and everything you'd imagine it would be when ten fashion influencers get together for one girls' night in to remember. Made possible by the architecturally-iconic, city's first five-star hotel, Sheraton Grand Doha.[no-sidebar]

It was truly an Italian affair at the only Italian home in Doha, La Veranda; made clear by porcini and truffle oil risotto — which for one made everyone stop talking just until they finish an entire portion — prepared tableside in a giant Parmesan cheese wheel by the quintessentially Italian Chef de Cuisine, Emanuele.


When a bevy of well-dressed ladies of leisure who seem to smile and laugh the day away without a care in the world, step into a restaurant together, there would be a slight commotion in the scene. "So this is where women who conscientiously "curate" their Instagram go every Friday, huh?" other brunch-goers perhaps thought. It wasn't just us held accountable, though. Our long table was bedecked with a bunch of fresh flowers, pink and black balloons, and chic customized 'Girls' Night in' table setting. Total bachelorette brunch party worthy, if you ask me, minus the actual bride. Culinary wise, what's on offer is a generous variety of dishes, including fresh pasta and seafood live-action cooking stations; selection of Italian charcuterie, cheese, salads, and soup; and an array of delectable desserts. Needless to say, the standouts were the Italian classics: tiramisu and panna cotta.

We basked in the sun to have some water sports fun. Lia and I found ourselves in a paddle boat together; telling each other how our thighs are already burning after what was five minutes of paddling, putting our hands in the air, saying "look, mum, no hands!", and trying to be the cool kids we've never been.

Beauty Bash with Wojooh
In the age of online beauty tutorials, the passport to being able to do a flawless makeup look is an extra time and extra patience with yourself. In fact the moment I learned what makeup look best suits my features myself, my trust in letting a makeup artist do my makeup dwindled down. But when Sheraton Grand brought three professional makeup artists from Wojooh, the Middle Eastern Sephora, to spoil us a little bit more, I decided to give it a go: to learn an extra tip or two from the pros, and to play a little get-to-know-you game with Wojooh products.

We're glammed up and all that, but deep down we all could swallow a horse by that time. We were immediately served with beautifully presented appetizers with bright flavors popping in my mouth. I was ravenous, but biased, it's not— if I say food here is absolutely divine. Quite the elevated comfort food with Spanish influences I could eat anytime of the day. As a matter of fact, three weeks later, I'm still dreaming about their salmon & saffron escabeche, batata harra, grilled aubergine salad, and paella negra.

the world's very first LA LIGA LOUNGE

After a few rounds of voting, Pooja who looked so badass that night (as per usual), and the major hottie, cutest foodie I've ever known Sally won Best Dressed and Most Dolled Up, respectively.

I always thought that boot camp is the ultimate cool girls' workout. I mean if Victoria's Secret Angels do it, that means it would give me rock-hard abs sooner (or maybe later), right? Plus, it's the kind of workout that's never boring, most especially if you do it with your friends. The next morning, before we were let into the beautiful breakfast setup by the garden, we had a heart-pumping, sore leg-inducing boot camp with award-winning Sheraton Fitness trainers. Needless to say jelly legs were an understatement; it felt so difficult for me to exist the day after as my muscles were flat-out sore.

Moving onto better things: we had a nice recovery time over overnight oats, delicious pastries, fresh fruits, and free-flowing brewed coffee and fruit juice against the hotel's iconic architecture to my north, and West bay to my south.

I came for the GIRLS' NIGHT IN with one luggage, and as I pack up before my check out, I realized how spoilt we've been by the sponsors. For one, Karl Lagerfeld gave us a soft scarf and my most coveted K/Kocktail key accessory; Careem Qatar ensured we stay connected being the social media souls that we are with an external battery pack and selfie stick; Wojooh gifted us with a generous box full of cosmetic wonders, plus a beach bag; and L'Occitane gave us some olfactory delights with really good-smelling products. It's worth mentioning that Sheraton Grand Doha went above and beyond with personalized welcome kit and bathrobe.

Thank you for hosting such an absolute weekend blast, Sheraton Grand Doha. Follow Sheraton Grand Doha and La Liga Lounge Doha on Instagram.


  1. Blog post goals! This post is amazing hun! Smart and pretty... you are one talented lady!

    1. I'm glad to have spent this fun night with you! Thank you for your kind words, Sally <3

  2. What an absolute blast you've had! Everything looks like great fun! The layout, pictures, and the writing is all spot on!
    You've nailed it with this one!

    1. I'll give you a big hug when I see you because this made my day! THANK YOU!


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